Event Searches in 25Live

Directions on how to find scheduled events:

Event searches can be performed by users who are not logged in to 25Live, but additional functions are available to logged in users. If you are not logged in Public searches can be accessed from the home page and additional searches are available from the “Events” tab. Events can be viewed in either a list or calendar view; clicking on an event will bring up additional details about the event. The date and date range can be adjusted, but customizations for non-logged-in users are not savable and are not sticky. Instructions for logged in users begin below this image, which shows the home page for a user who has not logged in.

Directions for logged-in users:

  1. Begin by making sure you are logged in.
  2. Your home page offers many methods for starting an event search. If you know some portion of the event title you can use the “Quick Search.” The “Calendar” tab (far right) will show any upcoming events you have booked.

  3. Click on the “Events” tab. The default tab is “Search For Events.” You can search events based on words contained in either the event name or the event title (titles are optional; many events do not have them).

  4. Click on “More Search Options.” You are now able to search on a variety of event details.

  5. Setting criteria of “Type=Grand Rounds” and “States=Confirmed” returned a default search for “Current and Future Dates” with 140 events. I then changed the date range to the current week, causing the search to return just 18 events. This is the “List” view:

  6. This is a portion of the “Calendar” view. This view allows you to initiate an event reservation. Event searches can be saved; prepare for step 7 by clicking on “Save Search.”

  7. If there are searches you use frequently, they can be saved for future use without having to reselect the criteria. Note that there are two methods of saving searches; the first type, “Search Criteria,” is recommended. Give the search a descriptive title and save it as a “Starred Search” to increase the number of places you will be able to find it, including your Home page. You can save as many searches as needed.

  8. Now go to the sub-tab “Pre-Defined Searches.” Here you will find a variety of pre-defined searches. The search we just saved will appear in both the “Your Starred Event Searches” group and “All of Your Event Searches.”

  9. Among the pre-defined searches are several that target your own event submissions or those you are working on: