Location Searches in 25Live

Creating searches to find available rooms

Location searches can be performed by users who are not logged in, but the advantage of being logged in prior to starting a search is that custom searches can be saved and clicking on an available time slot will trigger an event creation wizard.


  1. Begin by logging in; location searches cannot be saved unless you are logged in.
  2. Select the Locations tab:

  3. The default sub-tab will allow you to enter a room number to check its availability. You can also enter “HSW” or “U-” to return a group of rooms, etc.
  4. The results can be viewed in three ways: list (showing room descriptions); availability (showing usage for a single day); and calendar (showing all events for a given date range). The availability view allows you to click on an available time slot to initiate a room request. Views are “sticky,” so the last view you used will be the default the next time you log in. Note that the guide (in the center of this view) can be hidden.

  5. Clicking on “More search options” will allow you to create and save searches that meet your specific needs.

  6. In this example I have searched for rooms on Parnassus with 26-30 seats and set the date to June 3.

  7. If this is a search you will be using frequently, it can be saved for future use without having to reselect the criteria. Note that there are two methods of saving searches; the first type, “Search Criteria,” is recommended. Give the search a descriptive title and save it as a “Starred Search” to increase the number of places you will be able to find it, including your Home page. You can save as many searches as needed.

  8. Now select the “Pre-Defined Location Searches” tab. This tab provides you with a variety of methods for locating rooms. The search we just saved will now be available in both “All of Your Searches” and “Your Starred Searches.” You can also “star” individual rooms to have them appear in the default “Your Starred Locations.”