Classroom and Event Accessibility Resources


Accessibility Maps

Maps to locate ADA and Inclusive restrooms and accessible entrances can be found in our classroom features section of the website or in 25live Custom Attributes section of the room details shown below.

Inclusive Restrooms at UCSF

UCSF has begun labeling and expanding inclusive restrooms across all campuses. The Accessibility maps above will show the locations of these when on the same floor as a classroom space. 

ALD - Assistive Listening Devices

These devices are available for use in most lecture halls with microphones installed. Please contact our office at [email protected]

Zoom and Classroom Support

Contact us for any Accessibility questions for use in Zoom or in the Classroom. Please contact our office at [email protected]

Accessibility Event Toolkit

Click HERE for the Disability Offices Event Toolkit -

Offices of Interest

Office of Diversity and Outreach -

Student Disability Services -

Disability Management Services (Employee Accommodations) -