Coronavirus Restrictions Information
If routine academic functions are disrupted due to campus closures, there is a range of support and tools to help you connect uninterrupted.
Classroom Scheduling
Due to social distancing guidelines room use policies have changed. Click through for more information!
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We can help you host a zoom webinar from 500 to 3,000 participants. Or hire us to support your regular zoom meetings.
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Our knowledgeable staff members use a wide range of expertise to enhance the learning environment and support your event whether distance teaching or in classroom!
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From Class Capture to Video Recording, and from Video Conferencing to zoom support, ETS can help you bring the power of video to your class, event, or project.

Educational Technology Services

ETS offers quality support, innovative technology, and a full suite of media services for education. Follow our social media pages above to stay up to date on all ETS activity. ETS schedules nearly 100 general assignment classrooms on Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses using 25Live. Priority in reserving classrooms is given to academic, numbered courses.  All other requests are processed after class schedules are finalized. Pending any academic numbered course conflicts within the last five years, Cole Hall and Byers Auditorium are exceptions which may be reserved up to one year in advance for symposia, seminars and workshops. Call (415) 476-4436 for more information.

Latest Announcements

New Room Capacity Announcement and Interim Policy on Large Events and Gatherings

Due to social distancing, the capacity for the general assignment rooms have changed. View new room capacity information.

Interim Policy on Large Events and Gatherings | Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Interim Policy on Large Events and Gatherings. Updated April 30, 2020 has been extended through June 30, 2021. We must support every action that helps to “flatten the curve” of new COVID-19 cases. To limit the spread of the virus in our workplace and Bay Area community – and to help hospitals and clinics manage the increase in demand for care – we are taking the following ...

For more details, please review the following link:

We will not be accepting any reservations for events in any of the General Assignment classrooms through the fall academic quarter, December 31,2020, unless there is an essential need for face to face meetings or hands on training. Any other requests need to be vetted by their department’s Dean and then forwarded to us.

This will apply for all reservation requests except for the academic numbered courses that are listed on the UCSF Course catalog.

All non-essential events and gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. Those who believe that an in-person event is essential must complete this form to request an exception. Any exception will need to be pre-approved in writing by the Chancellor

Additionally, any event with more than 10 participants will need to have their event approved by the EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

Anyone interested in reserving a classroom must fill out the exemption form prior to submitting a room request on 25Live. This applies to all classroom reservation requests. 

Submissions to EOC link:

Once the room reservation request has been confirmed, a work order will need to be submitted to Facilities to have the room cleaned before and after your event.

This a requirement for the reservations in our general assignment rooms and in other venues on UCSF campuses in order to keep our community safe.

Here is the link to submit the cleaning service request:

New Rates Announcement

Effective July 1, 2020, Educational Technology Services rates for 2020/2021 through 2022/2023 will increase. See new rates.

New Room Capacity Announcement

Due to social distancing, the capacity for the general assignment rooms have changed. View new room capacity information.

Fall 25Live Scheduling for Non-Academic Requests Announcement

The fall 2020 scheduling for non-academic requests has been changed to July 30, 2020. View Deadlines scheduling information here.

Zoom Resources for Academic Interuptions

UCSF IT Recommendations for Securing Zoom Meetings

  • HD-160 - Added Zoom Video Confernencing Controls. No more tech needed!
  • Small S-100 Rooms have new simpler control panels to turn on displays and control volume
  • Winter Quarter Starts on January 1
  • USB-C adapters now installed in almost all classrooms
  • Laser Projectors now installed in S-157, S-159, S-163, S-170, S-172, and S-174 soon!

For more information please contact UCSF ITS at (415) 514-4100.