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ETS schedules nearly 100 general assignment classrooms on Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses using 25Live. Priority in reserving classrooms is given to academic, numbered courses.  All other requests are processed after class schedules are finalized.

Pending any academic numbered course conflicts within the last five years, Cole Hall and Byers Auditorium are exceptions which may be reserved up to one year in advance for symposia, seminars and workshops. Call 415-476-4436 for more information.


25Live is going PRO at UCSF!

We will go over the basics on how you book a room, add resources such as Content Capture, Video Conferencing Support, and more! 

25 live is going pro on November 5th


Class Capture/MediaSite Scheduled Maintenance Notification

On Saturday, March 16th, our automated lecture capture system will be temporarily down from 10 am to 12 noon for scheduled maintenance for a software upgrade. During the maintenance 2 hour window, access to the Class Capture/MediaSite system will be intermittent.

CL-220 and CL-221 Touch Panel Design and Video Conferencing Unit Upgrade

We have added newer up to date video conferencing units to our CL-220 room to modernize and stabilize the ability to video conference in these spaces. CL-221 is slated for completion at the end of March.

Video Conferencing added to Nursing N-729 and N-721. 

We have updated the room N-729 with digital signaling and added a new Video Conferencing unit to N-721. Contact us for a demo today! 


In a room with just a display and need to ZOOM? Rent one of our ZOOM kits which includes a Jabra 810, Logitech 1080p web cam, USB Hub, Power Extension cable, and a Mini Tripod. All the tools you need to improve your laptop based zoom connection no matter where you are. We have 1 kit at Mission Bay and 2 at Parnassus.

HERBST HALL Management Changes Hands.
Beginning July 1, 2018, UCSF Health will manage and support Herbst Hall at Mount Zion. All current reservations will be imported to the EMS scheduling system and Herbst Hall will no longer be booked through 25Live. Thereafter, all requests for Herbst support should be directed to Dan Peterson ([email protected]; 415-502-4006). This move is necessitated by the impending decant of the Hellman building and loss of key meeting and training spaces. Please direct all other questions to Dan Henroid ([email protected] 415-353-1348). Herbst Hall photo.

Digital Upgrade to Med Sci 214 Completed 1/2//2018

ETS engineers installed a digital AV infrastructure to replace the old analog system.  By digitizing AV, the system will be more responsive and consistent with newer technologies. A new laser projector has been added to increase image quality and brightness. The room has been painted and carpeted. The previously only for content capture camera, can now be used with the built-in computer and ZOOM. A brand new room based audio conferencing system has also been installed to allow use of the room's microphones and speakers to make phone calls. With the new camera and phone add in, the room is ready to ZOOM! 

NEW Flexible Arrangement Classroom N517
Our newest flexible classroom is online for Winter Quarter 2018. A Zoom-enabled and teleconferencing room with moveable tables and chairs - and a vinyl floor area for food setups. All new LED lighting and laser projector in a room that can accommodate up to 50 persons.

HSW 300-303 Hours of Operation

To protect UCSF students, staff and faculty, ETS and Campus Police plan to narrow the window of classroom availability in HSW 300-303. These rooms have been plagued for some time with nightly visits from homeless persons looking for a place to sleep. On a few occasions there were uncomfortable confrontations with classroom users and ETS staff. We installed magnetic card readers to lock the doors after 10:00 p.m., but that hasn’t prevented interlopers from getting in. Also, Facilities has cut off access to the core that joins the rooms by locking the stairwell entrance outside HSW. So, working with the Lock Shop, rooms will now close a half hour after their scheduled end time, and those that are not scheduled will close at 4:30 p.m.. The rooms will be locked on weekends unless classes or events have been scheduled in advance. While this may inconvenience students who want to use the rooms on an ad hoc basis to study after hours, there are still plenty of spaces in the Library, Medical Sciences and Nursing that are open. This new policy also makes it imperative that student organizations schedule their events as far in advance as possible to avoid last minute change charges. If you have any question about the why or how of this new approach, please feel free to contact ETS at 415-476-4310.

Room Rental Policy

"Non-academic events or non-UCSF related entities may occasionally use selected rooms for mini-conferences, seminars or symposia for a fee. Granting approval for such events is highly unusual due to the scarcity of general use rooms for ongoing UCSF classes and events and is generally done outside of normal classroom hours and on weekends. Events of this type are subject to the conditions and fee structure outlined in the Room Rental Policy attached."

Staff Organization Sponsored events

Classroom usage charges will apply for Staff Sponsored to events with 75% non-UCSF attendees for events that are 4 hours or more. The charge would be for $240.00 per lecture hall. Breakout rooms at no charge based on availability.

Digital Upgrade in First Floor Medical Sciences Classrooms

We have removed older control panels and simplified the process for all the first floor S-100 level rooms. The new panel also brings a digital upgrade to what were previously analog rooms. This allows richer colors, deeper black, clearer text and over increase in brightness. The system also auto-adjusts your computers resolution to match the display without having to hit any button.   

New Multi-Purpose Room Opens at Mission Bay

In response to an increasing number of requests for rooms that can serve as both classrooms and special purpose spaces, and working with an ad hoc advisory committee of room users, Genetech N114 has been christened a "multi-purpose" room. It can now function as a classroom, a reception area, flexible seating room or green room for Byers Hall events. For the first time, food is permitted inside the room, with food staging areas on two sides. Stop by and let us know what you think.

ETS clarifies policy on hazardous materials in classrooms - Biohazardous Materials in Classrooms

Because all laboratory biological specimens should be regarded as hazardous, and because ETS scheduling services cannot manage or enforce proper protocols for safe handling of human or animal cellular materials in UCSF general use classrooms, the use of potentially biohazardous material is restricted to a laboratory environment.

Clinical Sciences classrooms C701, C130, C415 and C517 are now CLOSED.

Viewing Mediasite Captures and Streams.  Because Google does not easily support add-ins like Silverlight, ETS recommends using Firefox, IE or Safari for Mediasite captures and streams. MS is working on a work-around for Chrome.

The 25Live scheduling system has been upgraded by the vendor to version 24. This upgrade will provide new functionality and will improve both 25Live’s responsiveness and stability. You will find examples of these features illustrated on our website.

Mission Hall fact sheet.

Food and Beverage Policy Serving food and beverages is allowed with prior permission from Educational Technology Services. If you would like to serve food and beverages at your event, please add a note to your room reservation request and be prepared to provide your department’s chartstring. We will contact you to discuss the details. Read complete Food and Beverage policy.

No-Show Fees in Effect! Be sure to alert ETS if you cancel an event (minimum 48-hours notice). No-show fees will be charged if you fail to cancel room space or technician services.

Room Reminders

Room AV Controls General assignment classrooms are designed to work with little or no assistance from an AV technician. All lecture halls are equipped with a Creston touch screen control panel that guides you through the process of connecting your laptop or using the resident computer to project on screen. The control panel is semi-automatic so once you choose an option, it adjusts the presentation to suit your needs.

What do I Need to Do? Choose appropriate option, for example, "Project in-room Mac," select the item you want to project on the Mac or your own laptop, and the system will automatically adjust the sound and light options to match your choice. Note: it is always best to "Start Over" if the system wasn't shut down before you arrive, and make sure the audio has not been muted. You should be able to hear yourself through the room speakers.

What Do I Do If the System is not Working? Chances are ETS will know it almost as soon as you do since we monitor rooms remotely to help support them, but if all else fails, call 6-HELP, and we will be there within minutes.