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ETS has been video conferencing all around the world for over a decade. We manage over 38 Cisco Video Conferencing equipped rooms and over 20 Zoom Web Conference Ready rooms. We support over 15 regular video conference events each week and hosted an event connecting the Dhali Lama from his home into Cole Hall. Connecting from any UCSF Video Conference room is as easy as ever! Although credit courses have priority in using video conference classrooms, they are also available for workshops, events, training sessions, seminars, and meetings when not scheduled for classes.

Whether your next meeting is across the country or across town, our video conferencing services at Mission Bay, Parnassus will bring your next off-site or multi-location meeting to you. Video conferencing is the cost-effective, reliable alternative to traveling off-campus for:

Zoom Conferencing

Zoom has made video conferencing easier than ever to bridge the gap between laptop and conference room throughout UCSF. We provide demos, consults, and support for zooms all over UCSF.  Need to zoom with a group but cannot book a Conferencing room? Check out our Zoom kit full of USB devices to better maximize your laptop's audio and video trasnmitting potential.

What we offer:

Event Consultation
Planning an event over zoom? We can help guide you to success! Be it modifying a meeting or hiring us for a webinar, we will help guide you to the best outcome for your event and budget.

Webinar Support 500, 1,000, 3,000 and 10,000 Participants
Need to hold a large zoom event and want to minimize distractions? We can help you with a webinar version of zoom. In order to host a webinar you need a special license add-on that cost money.

Process Overview:

  • We start off with a consult to discuss your event and to see if the Webinar platform is the right choice for you.
  • If you wish to proceed with hiring us, we then book a time to schedule the webinar, go through all the options for settings, and provide links for your attendees and panelists.
  • If you wish to have a dry run and get together with your team and speakers we offer up an hour to do so for no charge.
  • 30 minutes prior to the event start time we will have our support person join to go through the AV flow and process of the event.
  • And then we staff the duration of the event to ensure smooth events, help sort issues, and help stop zoom bombing.
  • We require support of webinars if you wish to use our licenses.
  • We do not provision licenses without hired support.

A 1 hour webinar costs $188
- $94/Webinar Setup Fee which inlcudes setup time prior to event start
- $94/hour of event support time. Add additional $94 per hour of event time

Contact us to start your consult

AV Setup and Go Services: $47/half hour of setup time
Many users are more than comfortable running the meeting once they are going so we offer a setup and go to help get you connected, verify the connection is correct and then go. This provides a low cost method of ensuring you are setup correctly in a conference room to maximize your event's success. 

AV Video Conference Support: $94/hour
We offer reliable staffing support throughout your entire video-conference. Helping moderate disruptive users, monitoring for technology hookups and more. 

Simply contact us to pre-schedule your video conference session and let our group of highly trained, friendly support staff do the rest.


Video conference prices are based on event length and the number of technicians needed.  See our rate schedule.

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