Non-Academic Events/General Events

For non-academic and general events, please use the 25Live online submission system.

Please note that numbered academic courses are scheduled ahead of non-academic and general events. Submissions made are not processed until the academic course scheduling has been completed. If room requested is not available, pending availability, an alternate room will be assigned.

Cole Hall is an exception which may be reserved up to one year in advance for symposia, seminars and workshops. Call (415) 476-4436 or email for more information.

All requests are processed on a first-come first-served basis. Please wait for an email confirmation to finalize your request.

Modification or Cancellation of Classroom Reservation
To modify or cancel your classroom reservation, please reply to the confirmation email you will receive when the event is confirmed. If your reservation involves multiple dates, please be clear regarding which dates are to be affected. Note: you may be charged a no-show fee if you fail to cancel a reservation.

Academic Events (Quarterly Courses, Mid-Term Exams, Final Exams, and New Student Orientation)

To reserve a room, please complete the following steps:

Step 1.

Submit your Room Reservation Request Form to Classroom Scheduling by the established quarterly deadlinesPlease note: Quarterly Courses are courses that are listed on the UCSF Course Catalog.

Courses are scheduled on quarterly basis per University Administrative and Academic Calendar.

All scheduling is processed and confirmed on an academic quarterly basis. A separate request will need to be submitted for courses that hold sessions in two different quarters (i.e. courses that overlap two quarters). We confirm any event, including academic courses, beyond the deadline dates that apply to each future quarter. Courses that overlap with the following quarter may end up with different room assignments for each quarter.

Step 2.

Classroom Scheduling will return a draft copy of your assignments to you prior to finalization of the assignments. Please do not distribute the draft assignments to the instructors until the assignments are final. The Scheduler will contact you to notify you of finalization of the process.

Grand Rounds

To reserve a room, please submit a Room Reservation Request Form to Classroom Scheduling located in the Medical Sciences Building, room S 43. You may submit the form to Sally Huey-Lee, via e-mail to [email protected]

Please note:
Grand Rounds are scheduled on quarterly basis per University Administrative and Academic Calendar. Scheduling of Grand Round will follow the completion of UCSF Quarterly Courses. Classroom Scheduling will try to keep Grand Rounds in the same room location for each quarter, however, depending on the pattern of courses offered, a change of room assignment(s) may be unavoidable.

Links to Reserving Other Rooms on Campus (Please note that these offices may have special policies/requirements regarding the use of their rooms/spaces.)