Zoom Help During the Coronavirus Restrictions

UCSF provides access to Zoom, so you can log in or join a meeting

Tips for success

  1. For clear audio, use a headset or earbuds with a built-in microphone
  2. For the smoothest Zoom experience, do not use VPN (i.e. Pulse Secure VPN, remote-vpn01.ucsf.ed or remote.ucsf.edu). If you're using email, Zoom or APeX, you do not need to be on VPN.
  3. Use the latest version of the Zoom software, as well as any other software you'll be using with it (e.g. PowerPoint).


Learn more

These more detailed guides include topics like: scheduling Zoom meetings, inviting attendees, managing audio and video, editing a meeting, and facilitating in rooms with video conferencing.


Still need help?

If you are directly involved with remote instruction and want further consultation on using Zoom in educational projects or for complex meetings, contact ETS at [email protected] or (415) 476-4310/ (415) 476-4357.