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Classroom Technical Services:
(No charge for pre-scheduled audio visual support for numbered classes during regular working hours)

Remote Monitoring

A limited number of rooms are equipped with electronic equipment that allows ETS to remotely monitor AV operations or class capture problems so we can provide instant service without entering the classroom. These 23 rooms are clearly marked with signs alerting users to consider them "public" spaces and to refrain from discussing private or confidential matters. ETS limits the number of persons who are authorized to monitor these classes and makes every effort to respect the privacy of persons using these rooms. If you are planning a meeting at which highly confidential matter need to be discussed, ETS recommends you book a room without recording devices, or, if that is impossible, request that video cameras and microphones be muted during such meetings. Here are the rooms equipped with recording devices.

Cole Hall                                                     S-214
HSW-300                                                    TLC 220
HSW-301                                                    TLC 223
HSW-302                                                    TLC 221
HSW-303                                                    TLC 222
Nursing-217                                                 TLC 231
Nursing-225                                                 Toland Hall
Nursing-517                                                 Diller 160
Nursing-721                                                 Byers Auditorium
Nursing-729                                                 Byers Hall 212
Med Sci 161                                                Genentech 114 
C-701                                                          MH-1400 
                                                                   Rock Hall Auditorium


 On-Site Help

 We offer support and equipment for all your classroom technical requirements.  With one call or email, you can set up technical support for the entire academic term.  

  • Improve classroom presentations and faculty-student interfaces with microphones, video projectors and other media equipment.
  • Support the education process by adding video recording services along with video conferencing to provide a live interactive link to students located at the Parnassus, Mission Bay and Mt. Zion campuses. 
  • Allow students to view class lectures anytime by recording your classes and adding them to your course learning environment (Moodle site) or streaming them live. 

How it works:

Our technicians arrive prior to the start of class to ensure the classroom is ready for instruction and presentation. With your pre-scheduled classroom support, the technician will deliver, set-up, and remove all equipment. 

Services for direct support of classroom instruction (numbered courses) are provided free of charge. All others are subject to a modest time/service charge. 

Event Support Rates
Equipment Rentals

Contact us to pre-schedule Classroom Technical Support:
Tel: (415) 476-4310
Fax: (415) 514-3735
Room: Medical Sciences Building, room SB 43 

Hourly Technical Support Internal Rates External Rates
Classroom Technical Support $78.00 $98.28










Video Conferencing Services

Reduce travel expenses. Save time. Conserve resources. Schedule your next video conference today.

Contact Information

For all general inquires and scheduling requests, please contact us at:

Tel: (415) 476-4310
Fax: (415) 514-3735


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