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Clinical Skills Center (formerly S20-22) is now open!

Lecture Capture UPDATE (10/14/15). The rough patch many of our users experienced in the last two weeks with our Mediasite capture system appears to have been resolved (fingers crossed). We have had three straight days of problem-less capture under high stress conditions. We continue to monitor performance and encourage you to contact the ETS office if you experience any further issues.

Medical Science Rooms S157-163 and S168-180 have all new carpeting and whiteboards. S174 and S176 have mobile white boards until installation is completed sometime during week of August 24.

HSW Lecture Halls have a new AV user interface that enables audio calls, video calls, and Mediasite previews.  Contact ETS to arrange a tour.

S214 has a new resilient tile floor on the 'stage' to better managed food and beverage spills ... and it looks good!

ETS Office Renovation August 4-21: The ETS office will be temporarily moved down the hall to room SBH-50 during the renovation time frame of August 4-19.

New Carpet installed in S-168 to S-180.  These rooms are now OPEN. We  posted signs in each room encouraging users to contact Facilities Services at the first sign of beverage or food spills. Let's see if we can keep these rooms cleaner than the ones across the hall, S157-163.  If maintaining these rooms is less labor-intensive than before replacement, we may do the same thing in the remaining "S" rooms.  

Clinical Sciences classrooms C701, C130, C415 and C517 are now CLOSED.

Viewing Mediasite Captures and Streams.  Because Google does not easily support add-ins like Silverlight, ETS recommends using Firefox, IE or Safari for Mediasite captures and streams. MS is working on a work-around for Chrome.

The 25Live scheduling system has been upgraded by the vendor to version 24. This upgrade will provide new functionality and will improve both 25Live’s responsiveness and stability. You will find examples of these features illustrated on our website.

Mission Hall fact sheet.

Food and Beverage Policy Serving food and beverages is allowed with prior permission from Educational Technology Services. If you would like to serve food and beverages at your event, please add a note to your room reservation request and be prepared to provide your department’s chartstring. We will contact you to discuss the details. Read complete Food and Beverage policy.

No-Show Fees in Effect! Be sure to alert ETS if you cancel an event. No-show fees will be charged if you fail to cancel room space or technician services.

Room Reminders

Room AV Controls General assignment classrooms are designed to work with little or no assistance from an AV technician. All lecture halls are equipped with a Creston touch screen control panel that guides you through the process of connecting your laptop or using the resident computer to project on screen. The control panel is semi-automatic so once you choose an option, it adjusts the presentation to suit your needs.

What do I Need to Do? Choose appropriate option, for example, "Project in-room Mac," select the item you want to project on the Mac or your own laptop, and the system will automatically adjust the sound and light options to match your choice. Note: it is always best to "Start Over" if the system wasn't shut down before you arrive, and make sure the audio has not been muted. You should be able to hear yourself through the room speakers.

What Do I Do If the System is not Working? Chances are ETS will know it almost as soon as you do since we monitor rooms remotely to help support them, but if all else fails, call 6-HELP, and we will be there within minutes.