Teaching & Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) located on the second floor of Kalmanovitz Library on Parnassus. The TLC will offer four classrooms and seven seminar rooms.

Each of the four classrooms seats 24 students.  A divider between each pair of rooms can be opened to create a single room seating 48 students.  Room features include live audio and video feeds from the telemedicine simulation center, front-screen projection, four 52" wall-mounted LCD displays for team-based learning, permanent installed sound systems, wireless A/V control panels, and flexible furniture.

Seminar Rooms
Each of the seven seminar rooms seats 10 students.  A divider between each of three pairs of rooms can be opened to create a single room seating 20 students.  Room features include a 52” LCD display, a sound system, and flexible furniture.

TLC Scheduling Policy

Scheduling policy for TLC classroom space is constatly evolving, but the following uses will receive priority scheduling for the TLC classroom space if the scheduling requests are submitted by Prioritiy Scheduling deadlines: team-based, active learning related to telemedicine training, clinical skills, simulation, and PRIME-US teaching; courses or activities that foster inter professional education and innovation; and those using the unique multimedia capabilities of these spaces..

For requests to schedule TLC classroom space for academic events during the Priority Scheduling period, please include a short paragraph describing how you intend to use the space and why you are requesting the space.  This information will help to develop a permanent scheduling policy.

Please contact the Library to reserve Library managed computer classrooms CL230 or CL231.