25Live Online Scheduling

25Live is an online classroom request system that allows users to submit most classroom schedule requests without the need for paper forms.   In addition to the online interface, 25Live allows for greater flexibility in publishing online calendars. 

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(Please note: Academic classroom scheduling will continue in the traditional way with the same deadlines to assure priority booking for academic (numbered) classes.)

How to Use 25Live


Getting Started

Go to 25LiveETS recommends using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

To Request an Event

  1. Please use the Mozilla Firefox web browser
  2. Go to 25-Live classroom scheduling. (Quicklink available on this site's homepage.)
  3. Click on "sign in."
  4. Enter your UCSF MyAccess Username and Password and then "login."
  5. The easiest way to look for room availability is to select "Search Locations" on the Quick Search upper left-hand corner.  Or you can click on the 4th tab at the top of the page – "Locations"
  6. In the "Search Locations" area: type the name of the room and select "go."
  7. Click on the date to show the calendar
  8. Select the appropriate date.
  9. To submit a reservation on the availability page, you will need to place the curser on the preferred timeslot. When the image of the hand appears, double click and it will take you to the event wizard.
  10. You will need to fill out any information that has a red asterisk, which is a required field, then the "Next" button at the bottom of each page.
  11. Enter the headcount, then the "Next" button at the bottom of each page.
  12. Pending whether or not this is a reoccurring event, you will need to select "No" or "Yes."
  13. If you need more than an hour, you can adjust the ending time accordingly.
  14. Check the 'Selected Locations' area to right to ensure that there are no conflicts below the room number, then select the "Next" button at the bottom of each page.
  15. If needed, you can select a resource, then the "Next" button at the bottom of each page.
  16. If Food will be served, fill in the SpeedType or the Chart-String funding information, then select "Next"
  17. Add any Event Comments, which only you and the scheduler will see, and then select "Next"
  18. The event will now be saved as a tentative. Click "I Agree" to show consent, then save the event by clicking on the "Finish" button. The following message should be displayed at the top of the page: Your event has been successfully saved.

Browser Preference

25Live works best with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers.  Please try to use one of these browsers rather than Internet Explorer.


Please review our Scheduling Overview, Technical Notes, and How Do I? pages for more information.


We want your feedback!  Please send comments and questions to help us improve the system and communicate on our website about common issues.